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what I'm about


what I'm about


hiii I'm Danae

I really like new girl. I'll probably reference quotes or scenes a few tmes into our conversation, even if you haven't seen it.

I don't love coffee but i really like it. always with oat milk

i'm an enneagram 4w5, which explains why i get so in my feels about photography. (and really, everything else)

nostalgia is a big part of who i am and photos are my favorite way to 

I'm like a professional memory hoarder. I am constantly documenting words, scenes, and experiences that mean something to me because having tangible memories of those moments is the only way to re-live them. that's why I love photography so much; it's like saving a little piece of a moment in time forever. 

my ultimate goal as a photographer is to give that same thing to you through the photos I take. not just perfect smiles and stiff poses but photos that  remind you of what life felt like at that moment in time. 

Bottom line 

i am not here to take the artsiest photos. i'm just not.

i am literally just here to capture what you give me the space and time to. i'm not trying to diss photographers who put beautiful and creative portfolios at the top of their priority list because that's a big part of photography (and some people have been immensely gifted with the talent to do so)


when looking for a wedding photographer, if having artsy and unique photos is what you are really looking to invest your money in, there is a good chance i will disappoint you. 

in photography, everyone has their niche. and i love getting creative with shoots but it's never the main thing on my mind as i go through a wedding day.


do you ever have that strange feeling when you're in a really good moment that you're going to miss it in the future because you'll never experience it like you are now?



that's why I'm here

what drives me

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